How We Identify and Grade Jewelry

First-time clients can be understandably apprehensive about buying jewelry online. The rigorous and extensive ShopLuxury authentication process has been perfected over the generations, and it has earned us the reputation as the best place to buy jewelry online. As you can see, we do not sell a single piece unless we can vouch for its authenticity and quality.

So how do we verify a piece’s authenticity? The truth is, there is no exact science behind it. If there were, we could just hand out manuals or put some tutorials on YouTube for every jewelry aficionado to follow!

Products from designer jewelry brands are not just the sum of their parts. Their beauty is more than the diamonds or precious metals that they feature. The real beauty is in the construction of the individual piece. Having studied and authenticated so many countless pieces, our team of experts can examine a piece of jewelry to see the level of craftsmanship and skill and can then verify its authenticity. Because we only sell fine manufacturers, we study each piece to confirm that it is as fine as it should be.

There are other telltale signs. Is the signature correct? We closely examine the stone count, the weight, the diameter, and other measurements. We also check for the diamond's inherent properties, characteristics, and proportions. We ensure that each diamond on a piece has an even setting style. And, of course, the four C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat-weight.

Naturally, it helps that we buy from professional jewelers across the globe. And if our intuition is telling us that we just can’t quite guarantee a piece’s authenticity, we have the industry relationships to help.

As you can see, we inspect each individual piece with more precision and care than anyone outside of the field could hope to. And every possible factor is considered before a piece is authenticated and marked as ready for sale. That is why are we so confident in our ShopLuxury guarantee.