Why Cartier Remains a Must-Have Jeweler

Why Cartier Remains a Must-Have Jeweler

Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier quickly became one of the most renowned names in the world for anyone seeking fine jewelry. Even today, many of their vintage pieces achieve new record prices at each auction are worn by royalty and celebrity alike. It is truly inspiring to behold their finest pieces, and wearing them is indeed an unparalleled indulgence in luxury.

For over a century after their founding, Cartier remained a family-owned business. And even today the family is active in business decisions and auctions.

At ShopLuxury, we can understand that the Cartier family’s way of passing down knowledge and tricks of the trade was essential for honing the process that has led to so many of the legendary, opulent pieces you can now find in our online store.


But it is not just those quantifiable traits that make Cartier jewelry so unique. Sure, a connoisseur can immediately identify their double C motif, or the symbolism of the screw that can be found in all of the pieces in their Love collection. And an expert, looking at the intricate details, can speak at great length about the craftsmanship and design that informed a particular piece. The beauty of a Cartier masterpiece, after all, consists in the actual construction of the individual piece, even more than the gorgeous and often lustrous materials that it features.

The ineffable and immaterial, however, is just as important as the visual and tactile. And no jeweler exemplifies that fact more than Cartier. Their Panther rings, for example, are exquisitely crafted, and the synthesis of all of the individual details creates an effect as profound as being in the presence of an animal itself. The rings are fierce and seductive, and they capture the panther’s elegance, sleekness, and paradoxically compelling danger. It is more than just a likeness of the animal; it has a profound essence that is all its own.


The Cartier signature Love collection is similar in terms of the way in which it transcends jewelry as ornamentation and becomes an art form. The bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, available in yellow, white, or rose gold and a varying number of diamonds, all feature screw motifs that symbolize a solid, unwavering commitment. The perfect oval shape gestures toward timelessness, an unbroken eternal bond. The entire collection is a testament to the power of a love that transcends all boundaries and conventions and brings two people together with the kind of passion and ardor that makes life worth living.

Thanks to the similarities between our histories as families that pass down a deep understanding of the jewelry industry from generation to generation, and because we so highly respect and admire the craftsmanship and inspired design that makes a piece distinctly Cartier, it is truly an honor for us to have so many of their most valuable and esteemed pieces in our collection.

We look forward to passing them along to others who will cherish them just as deeply. Shop our Cartier collection here