Designer Feature: Welcome to the World of Hermès

Designer Feature: Welcome to the World of Hermès

In Greek mythology, Hermès is the god of luck, wealth and travel, and he is known for being one of the most clever and mischievous of the Greek gods. At ShopLuxury, we think this a highly appropriate namesake for one of our favorite jewelers, whose wares we are extremely proud to feature.

Many of the Hermès pieces make reference to other famed figures in the Greek pantheon. The 18K White Gold Hercules ring, for example, is bold and strong, much like the hero himself, with their signature Hermes “H” appearing in the white gold band. While this piece is far from ostentatious and showy, it nonetheless is incredibly compelling and attractive.

This “H” motif recurs in many of their pieces. The Hermes 18K White Gold Diamond H Band, for example, has much of the same dignity and refinement as the Hercules ring, yet the H itself is also adorned with lustrous, brilliant diamonds that give it an extra dazzle.

Even classic pieces like the 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet have a certain distinct style and flair that is markedly part of the Hermès signature. While conventional staple pieces like this one often seem as though they could made by just about any jeweler and there’s no need to buy from a reputed designer, this isn’t the case when it comes to a company with jewelers as skilled and detail-oriented as Hermes.

This bracelet is indeed a timeless piece that is dynamic enough to go with just about any outfit and any kind of person, but it still emulates that indisputable sensuality and elegance that have come to be associated with Hermès. The same, of course, is true for other pieces in the same vein, such as the 18K Yellow Gold Ring and the other bracelets and rings that come in White or Rose Gold.

Many of the pieces we offer from Hermès are similar in terms of their most distinctive and instantly recognizable features, but it is in the details that you can really identify and make a choice about the piece that best suits you. 18k Rose Gold Diamond H D'Ancre Small Bracelet, for example, has many of the same trademarks as the aforementioned bracelets with the H motif. Yet this one opens via a latch, and the H has its own diamond border. These small variations in appearance can make all the difference to discerning customers.

Like many of our other favorite jewelry designers, Hermès is France-based and had the benefit of many generations of family members learning from one another and putting their own unique influence on the products they created. Many experts can identify which generation had its influence over a certain piece. Show them a ring and they can tell you with precision which Hermès era it is from.

Although the company saw a precipitous decline in orders and sales in the 1970s, they had an inspirational comeback and are now prominent worldwide throughout the jewelry industry. We are thrilled to offer some of their finest signature pieces, and look forward to helping those who love Hermès to acquire exactly what they are looking for.

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