The Renowned Clientele of Cartier (And Why You Should Join Them)

The Renowned Clientele of Cartier (And Why You Should Join Them)

The name Cartier is synonymous with refined taste and luxury. Casual jewelry lovers and devoted connoisseurs alike admire the meticulous craftsmanship, materials, and the undeniably enchanting power of each piece.

It is no surprise, then, that some of the most elegant public figures in our recent cultural memory have also been enamored with Cartier. For many celebrities, their relationship with these opulent pieces has significantly helped define their public image. The association is reciprocal: Cartier elevates the celebrities, while they also help to elevate Cartier.

Below, we highlight a few of the many renowned public figures who have also been prominent Cartier clientele.

Grace Kelly

Legend has it that Grace Kelly owes her love for Cartier to Alfred Hitchcock, a jewelry devotee in his own right who introduced Kelly to Cartier designer Alfred Durante in New York City. She was rarely seen in public without a Cartier piece from that day forward.

Hitchcock didn’t only introduce her to jewelry, however. Her role in his film “To Catch A Thief” led her to be introduced to Prince Rainer III of Monaco. Their instant chemistry developed into true love, and Kelly was soon Princess of Monaco. On her wedding day, she wore a Cartier ring designed just for her along with a Cartier diamond necklace and a diamond and platinum tiara.

Wallis Simpson, aka The Duchess of Windsor

The love story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor is an example of reality’s capacity to be even more romantic than the best fairy tale. Even though Edward VIII had to abdicate his position as king in order to marry a twice-divorced American woman, the choice was an easy one for him and he never looked back. Their love for one another was matched only by the abundance of jewelry in their collection.

Cartier designed and created a number of pieces exclusively for the Duke and Duchess, including a flamingo brooch made out of four gemstone bracelets. Most famously, Cartier designed the engagement ring that he presented to her in 1936. With a 19.77-carat emerald, the ring also featured a concise and powerful engraved message: “We are ours now.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s association with Cartier was one of the most public and widely discussed, and their pieces played a key role in more than one of her romances. The 69.42-carat pear-shape diamond now know as “The Taylor-Burton Diamond” came from Cartier. Richard Burton spent over a million dollars to acquire the diamond for Taylor’s 40th birthday.

Her third husband, Mike Todd, surprised Taylor with a suite of diamond and ruby pieces from Cartier. While on holiday in France, Todd surprised Taylor while she was swimming in the pool (and already wearing a Cartier tiara, it should be noted!) He presented her with a gorgeous earring, bracelet, and bib necklace set.

We can’t all be celebrities, but there is another commonality between all of the stories above: love and devotion. We can all do something nice for a jewelry lover in our lives, and there is clearly no gift more classy and touching than a piece from Cartier. Start by browsing our selection of Carter jewelry here.