Sneak Peek: Jewelry Trends 2018

Sneak Peek: Jewelry Trends 2018

Over the course of his decades in the jewelry business, ShopLuxury has seen many trends take center stage. Some are resilient and sustain themselves for a long time, while many fade into obscurity. And still others manage to make unexpected returns as vintage favorites or objects of nostalgia.

Of course, not all trends are created equal. If you want to hear his thoughts on one of the low points in the jewelry world, just ask us about the gold nugget pieces that featured prominently in 1970s fashion. (Suffice to say, we are very grateful that particular trend has not seen a resurgence.)

ShopLuxury is not only an expert on current and bygone trends, however. Our expertise and many years of working in the jewelry world have refined our sense of what the next hot thing will be. Below are some of our insights on what 2018 has in store for the jewelry world.

1. The Suite Is Gone

It used to be the case that jewelry was sold in suites, with necklaces, bracelets, and rings that were designed to complement each other and were meant to be worn together. Most would consider it a fashion faux pas if a woman were to wear rose gold on her body and white on her hands, for example.

Mixing and matching colors is no longer taboo, and this has opened up all sorts of new avenues and opportunities for personal expression and bold statements. With collections like Fabergé’s Three Colors of Love, even renowned jewelers are incentivizing this sort of mixing.

Of course, those who prefer to go the conventional route are still able to do so. But it is an exciting moment for those who find suites to be too confining. There are more possibilities than ever in terms of combinations, and a discerning buyer can now express her own aesthetic sensibilities in what she purchases and wears. There is great freedom in simply wearing the jewelry you like and doing it proudly. 2018 should be a year of broadening horizons and challenging past limitations, and the jewelry world will be reflective of that.

2. Yellow Gold’s Comeback

As we said earlier, sometimes past trends come back into play. It is always exciting to see how pieces or styles that were fashionable in our past get incorporated into today’s culture. Which aspects change, and which are almost indiscernible from those that past generations knew so well?

One such comeback to keep an eye out for is the return of yellow gold. This applies to pieces that consist of yellow gold with and without gemstones. It is a classic style that has longevity and has stayed around, but it is about to be more noticeable than it has been in a long time. ShopLuxury predicts that there will be nothing hotter than Vintage Alhambra pieces from Van Cleef & Arpels.

3. The Greater Fashion World

Jewelry is just one part of the fashion ecosystem. Often, the fashion world at large will play a significant role in dictating jewelry trends. Necklace designs, for example, are influenced by what sorts of tops are in style at the time.

Revealing tops are not especially trendy right now, and dresses are in the spotlight more than shirts. This means that there is less room for necklaces. And all the brooch salespeople in the world had best take note: ShopLuxury predicts that you will not be able to pay someone to buy a brooch in 2018.

So what is going to be getting all the attention? Rings, bangles, bracelets such as those in the Cartier Love series, and diamond studs set in white gold or platinum are all a very good bet.