ShopLuxury’s Expert Tips for Online Preowned Jewelry Shopping, Pt. 2

ShopLuxury’s Expert Tips for Online Preowned Jewelry Shopping, Pt. 2

ShopLuxury experts prefer to share their advice about shopping for pre-owned jewelry before clients purchase online. Part one is featured here and now you can find the rest of the tips below.

This guide will help buyers discern a good deal from “too good to be true” and to feel more confident and secure about shopping for pre-owned jewelry online.


TIP 4: Look for who actually owns the inventory.

Many websites that sell preowned jewelry do not actually own most of the inventory on their site. Instead, they function as a hub for third-party owners to sell their pieces. These sites often try to obscure this fact, so it is important to be diligent when doing this research.

In addition to being deliberately deceptive, this also entails much more risk for the buyer. There is no way to know who authenticated the pieces that are being sold. Further, the added layers of anonymity complicate holding someone accountable if the piece is inauthentic or of lower quality than advertised.

For these reasons and more, ShopLuxury owns the inventory featured on our website. In fact, we insist that each jewelry item be on hand so it can be looked at and discussed with our clients.  Current and prospective clients should therefore be more comfortable knowing that when speaking to a company representative they will be looking at the piece itself and not using stock pictures to describe its condition and authenticity.

TIP 5: Ask the company about your return options.

Find out about what happens after they have your money and the item is shipped. Do they have reliable guarantees in place if it is, in fact, inauthentic or does not arrive as advertised? What is their return policy?

These are critical questions to ask. At ShopLuxury, we aim to be as transparent and forthright as possible when it comes to these matters. We offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee and a return policy that is easy to navigate.

TIP 6: Explore the company's resources for helping you keep your jewelry in good shape.

All of our experts consider it a very good sign when a website offers to provide support to customers even after they have bought a piece. Maintaining and caring for jewelry is not a difficult task, but it can be occasionally daunting for people without a great deal of experience.

Helping with maintenance demonstrates not only that the company has a knowledgeable staff, but also that they truly care about their clients’ ongoing appreciation of their jewelry. ShopLuxury invites all customers to ask questions about any pieces that they bought from us.

Still unsure? Take a look at ShopLuxury’s own authenticity guarantee or contact us directly. We are always open to questions about our process and our guarantees.