ShopLuxury’s Expert Tips for Online Preowned Jewelry Shopping, Pt. 1

ShopLuxury’s Expert Tips for Online Preowned Jewelry Shopping, Pt. 1

The ability to buy used jewelry online is relatively new, so most customers still have plenty to learn about shopping safe and smart. With the proliferation of various vendors and the difficulty of verifying a piece’s authenticity online, it can be difficult to discern a good deal from “too good to be true.”

This guide features advice compiled from ShopLuxury’s own experts, in the hopes that shoppers can use it to feel more confident and secure about shopping for used jewelry online.

TIP 1: Get details about the vendor’s authentication process.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of money only to receive a counterfeit piece in the mail. And because many fakes look nearly identical to the original piece, some customers worry that they can never feel secure about whether a piece they bought online is authentic.

It is critical to find out as much as you can about who is assessing a piece’s authenticity and what process they are using. Real experts will have no issue telling you all about their methods and what they look for in a piece to ascertain its quality and authenticity. If this information is difficult to find, it is probably worth your while to look elsewhere.

TIP 2: Find out who the experts are.

This is closely related to the first tip. In addition to authentication and quality assurance procedures, it is important to find out who these experts are and what kinds of experience and bona fides they have.

If an online vendor keeps its experts anonymous, there is a good chance that they are are not as legitimate as they are presenting themselves. At ShopLuxury, for example, we are proud to refer potential customers to our third-generation authentication expert or another one of our team members.

TIP 3: Look at the photos.

A reputable vendor will have high-quality photos featuring multiple angles of the jewelry they are selling. These images should show you the actual piece that is for sale. It is a bad sign if they are using stock photos or images of the piece from the designer’s website. For instance, every product page on ShopLuxury features the actual images of each piece. No matter what site you’re on, you should not hesitate to ask for actual pictures of the exact piece they are selling in its current condition. It is never a good idea to buy from a vendor who will not provide you with those photos.

Still unsure? Take a look at ShopLuxury’s own authenticity guarantee or contact us directly.