Discover Milan-based Buccellati

Discover Milan-based Buccellati

The legacy of Buccellati jewelry exemplifies some of ShopLuxury’s most cherished values. Buccellati is a family enterprise—since the company’s founding in 1919, nearly every item in the Buccellati catalog has been designed by a member of the immediate family.

Remarkably, the Buccellati name is distinguished even within the elite world of Italian jewelers. They were even the first Italian jeweler to have a location on New York City’s famed Fifth Avenue.

Forbes Magazine itself has noted that “Milanese locals know Buccellati as the country's most exclusive luxury jewelry brand - a great feat in Italy as the country is so known for high-end design.” This renown is in keeping with the Buccellati dynasty’s early days, when founder Mario Buccellati was known as the Prince of Goldsmiths.

Not only was he a master of his craft, but he was also an innovator who moved the entire art of jewelry design into a new realm. Buccellati was the first jeweler to experiment with and refine the technique of texture-engraving, which gave his pieces a distinctive feeling similar to silk, linen, or even lace.

To this day, the rich textural quality of a Buccellati piece continues to distinguish their work from the rest. They continue to pride themselves on having pieces with"no untouched gold,” meaning that every surface on all of their jewelry is engraved with intricate designs that can only result from expert craftsmanship. All Buccellati pieces are made by extremely talented and well-trained craftspeople at four company-owned workshops, and they also have an external network of specialized artisans that they can call upon.

Other notable characteristics of Buccellati pieces include the use of mixed metals (such as silver, gold, and platinum) and an elegant style that is perennially inspired by Italy’s esteemed design history, from the Roman Empire to Renaissance-era goldsmiths.

Today, that particular and distinctive design ethos is maintained by Andrea Buccellati, who lives in Milan, and his daughter Lucrezia, who keeps U.S. operations running from New York City. Since the early 2000s, they have broadened their scope and now also focus on production of watches for men and women that incorporate all of the design elements for which the brand is known and revered.

At ShopLuxury, we are proud to offer luxury at unprecedentedly affordable prices. These sumptuous pieces have a history of being symbols of elite status. In Mario Buccellati’s time, his clients tended to be the most renowned and recognized figures in culture and business, from entrepreneurs to aristocrats and leading industrialists.

Some of the most widely recognized among them include the celebrated Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio, Princesses Luciana Pignatelli, the esteemed Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio, Maria Gabriella of Italy, Greek Duchess Irene of Aosta, and other British and Egyptian royals.

Now, however, you don’t have to be a member of any royalty to afford some of the best that Buccellati has to offer. Discover ShopLuxury’s unique, hand-picked and authenticated selection of luxurious Buccellati pieces today!