Behind the Scenes: Our Global Team of Buyers

Behind the Scenes: Our Global Team of Buyers

We have never been a company that sits by passively in the hopes that good things will eventually come.

The team behind ShopLuxury consists of pioneers in the New York City jewelry industry. With this history informing our processes and decisions today, it should come as no surprise that we make a priority out of actively seeking the best gently used designer jewelry in the world.

We have also put together a team of global buyers whose expertise and skill in locating amazing and rare designer jewelry from brands like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Hermès is unparalleled. As we have noted before, the cream of the crop in terms of talent and business always finds its way to New York City. 

We visit estate sales, jewelry exchanges, and even fellow jewelry connoisseurs with whom we have cultivated relationships over many years—in some cases, even generations!

Our team is constantly traveling the globe to track down the most luxurious gently used designer jewelry. At any given moment members of the ShopLuxury team can be found in Greece, Italy, Hong Kong, or France—just to name a few of our favored locations—on the hunt for the kinds of pieces that must be sought after to be found.

Because every member of our acquisitions team is carefully trained in the meticulous authentication and evaluation process, there is never any doubt about the quality of the designer jewelry pieces we buy. We assess them and learn as much as possible about their history before making any purchases. Often, we are afforded the privilege of talking to the original owner of a piece.

Our buyers are all equipped with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of top designer jewelry brands and the eras of their most renowned and cherished pieces, so they can immediately appraise their value and make informed decisions about what is most needed in our inventory at any given time.

In short, our global team of buyers is the reason that ShopLuxury has already staked a claim at the leading edge of the e-commerce jewelry industry. Our drive to actively pursue the best and most desirable used pieces is the reason for the well-curated showroom full of elegant, gorgeous pieces that you see today on

The work we put into developing and maintaining our worldwide connections distinguishes us from other e-commerce sites in the jewelry industry. We strive to have the best products in our store, at prices that are reasonable for our valued customers. These principles have always been central to our role in the jewelry industry, and even as we delve into new ways of acquiring and selling jewelry and connecting with our fellow connoisseurs, our core values remain the same.

One tip for all ShopLuxury shopper looking to snag the best piece: our inventory is intentionally limited to only the best of the best, so urgency is important. And check the new arrivals section often!